Trials of Marriage

Peerzada Masrat Shah
Peerzada Masrat Shah

Building Resilience and Lasting Love

Marriage, often hailed as a sacred union, faces numerous trials that can strain its very fabric. In their insightful book, “Moto Moto Couple,” Akello and Dayan Masinde delve into the common pitfalls that couples encounter and offer practical guidance on how to navigate them. Here, we’ll explore these challenges and the importance of overcoming them to nurture a strong and enduring relationship.

Blaming Your Spouse:

One of the most common temptations in marriage is the inclination to blame one’s spouse when things go wrong. It’s natural to feel hurt or frustrated in moments of conflict, but assigning blame only serves to deepen the divide between partners. Instead, taking ownership of our actions and working collaboratively to resolve conflicts fosters mutual understanding and strengthens the bond between partners. By shifting the focus from assigning fault to finding solutions, couples can navigate challenges more effectively and emerge stronger as a result.

Pursuing Others:

The monotony and routine of daily life can sometimes lead individuals to seek excitement or validation outside of their marriage. Whether through flirtation, emotional affairs, or outright infidelity, the temptation to pursue alternatives can erode the trust and commitment upon which marriages are built. Resisting the urge to indulge in such temptations is crucial for safeguarding the integrity of the relationship. By reaffirming their dedication to each other and prioritizing open communication and emotional intimacy, couples can fortify their bond and protect against external threats.

Seeking Revenge:

In moments of hurt and anger, the temptation to retaliate against a perceived wrong can be strong. However, choosing forgiveness and empathy over vengeance not only breaks the cycle of negativity but also cultivates a culture of compassion and understanding within the marriage. By acknowledging each other’s feelings and working through conflicts with empathy and respect, couples can strengthen their emotional connection and foster greater trust and intimacy.

Questioning Your Destiny:

Challenges and setbacks are inevitable in any relationship, and it’s not uncommon for couples to question the validity of their union during difficult times. However, it’s important to remember that true love is not immune to difficulties. Instead of allowing doubts to undermine the foundation of the relationship, couples can use adversity as an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment and deepen their bond. By confronting obstacles together and drawing strength from their shared experiences, couples can weather any storm and emerge stronger and more resilient than before.


The allure of temporary gratification can pose a significant threat to marital fidelity. Whether through pornography, flirtation with others, or infidelity, succumbing to the temptation of lust can erode trust and intimacy within the marriage. Resisting the urge to seek pleasure outside of the relationship is essential for preserving the sanctity of the marital covenant. By prioritizing open communication, emotional intimacy, and mutual respect, couples can nurture a deeper connection that transcends physical attraction and withstands the test of time.


In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s all too easy to compare our own relationships to the seemingly perfect unions portrayed on social media or in popular culture. However, each marriage is unique, and comparing our own relationship to others only serves to undermine its value and significance. Instead of measuring their relationship against external standards, couples can focus on their own journey and celebrate their progress together. By embracing their individual strengths and supporting each other’s growth, couples can cultivate a relationship that is authentic, fulfilling, and deeply meaningful.


Couples may grow and evolve at different rates, but abandoning one’s partner in the pursuit of individual fulfillment only fosters feelings of neglect and resentment. Supporting each other’s personal development and celebrating each other’s successes strengthens the marital bond and ensures mutual growth. By nurturing a relationship built on trust, respect, and mutual support, couples can navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence and resilience.


Unchecked anger and hostility can inflict irreparable harm on a marriage. Whether through verbal or physical abuse, allowing anger to dictate our actions undermines the foundation of trust and respect upon which healthy relationships are built. Prioritizing self-control, open communication, and seeking professional help when necessary is crucial for creating a safe and nurturing environment for both partners. By fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding, couples can create a foundation for a relationship that is built to last.

Defying God:

In times of trial, it can be tempting to blame a higher power or to abandon one’s spiritual beliefs altogether. However, drawing strength from faith and seeking solace in shared values can provide couples with a sense of purpose and resilience in the face of adversity. By grounding their relationship in a foundation of spiritual connection and moral guidance, couples can navigate life’s challenges with grace and fortitude.


When faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, the temptation to throw in the towel can be overwhelming. Yet, perseverance and dedication are the cornerstones of a thriving marriage. By confronting obstacles head-on and working together to overcome them, couples can forge a bond that is resilient, enduring, and deeply fulfilling. Through commitment, communication, and mutual support, couples can build a relationship that stands the test of time and grows stronger with each passing day.

In “Moto Moto Couple,” Akello and Dayan Masinde offer invaluable insights and practical strategies for navigating the complexities of married life. By recognizing and addressing these common pitfalls, couples can cultivate a relationship grounded in mutual respect, trust, and unwavering love. Embark on the journey to a healthier, happier marriage today by embracing the wisdom shared in their transformative book.